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Exterior texture paint

Product Description
product description:
The texture paint is mainly made of macromolecule polymer, natural sapphire sand and related additives. After solidifying, it hardens like stone, which looks like natural real stone. Texture paint with fire, water, acid, pollution-resistant. Non-toxic, tasteless, strong adhesion, never fade, etc., can effectively prevent the harsh environment outside the building erosion, extend the life of the building, the texture paint with good adhesion and freeze-thaw resistance; Suitable for use in cold areas.
Scope of application:
For luxury buildings, villas and other exterior decoration.
product advantages:
Texture paint can be sprayed on the complex grassroots, fully embodies the natural rock rich features and realistic effects. Wall lasting beautiful, natural color soft, rough rough texture. High strength, anti-collision, flame retardant, heat, weather resistance and good. Water resistance is good, stable coloring. Texture paint with good adhesion and freeze-thaw resistance, texture paint with simple construction, easy to dry and save time, easy construction and so on.
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