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Wall effects - top coat

Product Description
Before construction:
1, first determine the technical requirements of the base paint wall construction qualified, primary treatment of the wall base level inspection and acceptance shall prevail.
2, to ensure that the base paint construction required water, electricity, ladders, scaffolding, and so on.
3, art paint construction tools preparation: art paint dedicated knife stainless steel knife, 350-500 sandpaper, waste newspaper, masking paper and other tools.
Construction Notes:
1, Art paint should be used before the label, and stir well, after use need to cover the lid tightly.
2, paint storage and construction should be consistent with product specifications required temperature conditions, usually above 5 ℃, if the paint is frozen in storage and transportation, should be placed in a room at higher temperatures for its natural thawing, shall not be roasted. After thawing the coating has not been confirmed qualitative change before use.
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