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Besmear Brushs Primer

Besmear Brushs Primer


Excellent Resistance To Alkali


Super Mildew

Control the water infiltration at the bottom of the wall to resist mold breeding.

Note: if you do not use the primer, it is easy to produce the situation: the wall may easily produce the phenomena such as pan-flowers, yellowing, escape color and uneven color.

Good Closure.

Effectively seal the wall and deeply protect the wall.

Super Adhesion

Strengthen the adhesion of the surface paint, effectively prevent the wall film from peeling off.



Effect of brushing primer:
1. In order to prevent the back alkali, the so-called "rebase" refers to the basic substance in cement through the coating, and the main performance is that there will be a layer of white powder on the surface of the coating.
2, primer has its own effect, such as resistance to alkali mouldproof, can enhance the cohesive force, can increase the service life of paint, less likely to be affected with damp be affected with damp, such as the back in the use of paint can also be reduced, so use a primer or necessary.
Recommended dosage: after treatment at the base level, evenly apply the primer to the primer, and suggest that 1kg of primer should be coated with 8-10 squares (undiluted).


Resist the basic corrosion of the base material, avoid the problems such as the flower, foaming and so on.

Spray primer (the gesture is vertical and uniform, with protection around the spray surface)

Roller Primer